I did all the liquid effects like splashes, raindrops and the drying water in the background under usage of Softimage ICE and emPolygonizer4. Animation done by Charlex in Maya and rendered in Vray.

Ich war verantwortilch für sämtliche Wassereffekte…


Post-Production Company: CHRLX
Producer: Charles Philipp
Director: Ryan Dunn
Editor: John Zawisha
Creative Director: Matt Wilson
Lead Animator: Tony Tabtong
Animators: Ken Music, Eugen Sasu
Lead Lighting TD: James Fisher
Lighters: Frank Grecco, Denis Kozyrev
Texture Artists: Entae Kim, Frank Grecco, Yun Cho
Lead Modeler: Hung Kit Ma
Lead Character TD: Steve Mann
Compositor: Marc Goldfine, Shuyi Wu
3D Effects: Oliver Weingarten
CG Supervisor: Salar Saleh